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Our staff is a dedicated group of professionals trained and experienced in the field of smoking cessation. Each patient is treated as an individual with our primary goal being to address the needs and concerns of each person that we treat.

Thousands of satisfied patients have been treated at No Smoke America. Smoking cessation treatment is a very specialized field that requires the ability to inspire confidence and an attitude of success in each patient. Our staff strives to establish a relationship with each person that we see at the clinic and create an environment of trust and support.

A medical professional is available 7 days a week to provide our patients with the support that they need to succeed as non-smokers.

Our physicians are licensed medical doctors whose specialties include family practice, occupational medicine, addiction, and cardiology.


Clinic support staff includes Physician Assistants (PA's), Nurse Practitioners, nurses and medical assistants.

Staff counselors have worked with thousands of patients in addressing both the most common and the most unusual concerns about quitting smoking.


You don't have to quit alone. The professional staff at the clinic knows that quitting can be challenging and we're here to help.